Biological Consequences of Chernobyl & Fukushima by Dr. T. Mousseau ~ Helen Caldicott Foundation

FUKUSHIMA = 10 to 100 Times worse than Chernobyl and all World Wide Radiation Levels are questionably Rising to Alarming Levels and the Northern Hemispheres are Filling-In and Clouding-Over with a Radiation Umbrella Cloud- gwt

Wes Annac – Oversoul Teachings: We Respect Your Freewill – 25 July 2014

Please pay attention to the details of all things you read, hear or watch- When the messenger is attacked, the real message is missed and ignored- Try to remember that messengers are different but truthful information and messages are the important thing and not be distracted from the message by hecklers of the messengers- gwt

Lucas 2012 Infos

wes-annac-300x229Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

We envision a galactic earth, the citizens of which are free to live in peace and harmony, loving and resecting one another instead of fighting endless wars that are intended to fill the pockets of a very small number of earthly souls.

We envision the general hatred that’s polluted your collective consciousness fading, to be replaced with a pure desire to help one another excel and find the spiritually vibrant state of consciousness you’re collectively growing back toward.

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I responded to something about the Future having ‘Possibilities’

The things I read mention of for future technology, I see they already have- And the real ‘Issues’ are being covered over with distractions and old scraps of info thrown out the door to the ones in the yard-

They already have people living and working in Space- There are Stations that Have Plasma Canons and they use them to shoot at the Terrestrials and their craft and have been for some time- Cosmonauts and Astronauts have fought to the death on such stations before and instead of a rescue, It was a battle for control even in Space- The moon is a Sphere that is fabricated with multiple skins- The Dark Side of the Moon is inhabited and NASA { a Nazi group since WW2 } have a hidden Agenda for such stupidity- They may want to try to detonate more explosives on the Moon and the terrestrials WON’T ALOW THIS AS THEY HAVE STOPPED THE ASSUALT ON THE SPHERE MORE THAN ONCE ALREADY-believe it or not- They want the money from the taxpayers because they are saving their own money that they have already stolen from the citizens- They want the taxpayers to pay for them to move their War Campaign into Deep Space-These things are all, Distractions from their real Agendas and to make the people forget about all the mass murders and black flag deeds they have done and is being found out about more and more every day- They will do anything to distract and confuse the people while they continue to put Military and equipment in place all over America and supply all Law Enforcements with Armored vehicles and troop/Policemen carriers, with machinegun torrents that pop up above the vehicles to mow us down and get those holding out up in the hills and country- Drones and the Military will assist in the disarmament and locating those seeking safety- The FEMA Prisons and FEMA Coffins await, and the Martial Law is already begun- All the cameras and Cams set all over the roads will tell them who is moving around- Listen into your nights air for distant sounds- You may be very upset with what you think that you hear- The Earth is a big thing and sounds are not without barriers, but to the trained or learned ear, one can sometimes hear unusual things on the horizons, seeing things even stranger-

Update on Global Hydrogen Sulfide and Methane Gas Release

When the North Sea Gas Leak was going on for months, there were clouds of Natural Gases spewing into the Atmosphere and the air that formed clouds as big as some Continents- Where the heck does everyone think all that Gas went to- It certainly hasn’t been vacuumed up or drifted into Outer Space- The reports were covered up about the largest Natural Gas Leak in History, resulting from a Company called ‘Total’, a French Company I think that does the Natural Resource thing like their bosom friends and partners the BP of the World Bank and others- These are pockets of Gas that has been separated from the large Masses that drift the Globe and touch down heavy to distribute death and then move on- A plague perhaps, but man manipulated and made for my money- They abandoned the rig and let it leak and covered it for weeks all the while it spued death into the air- The storms, wind currents, and temperatures effect the larger bodies of gas as if a irregular shaped balloon- One such cloud of death could easily enshroud or cover a whole State and kill or affect most everything- Many videos for two years or longer on ‘ATTENTION’ to Natural Gas-Detection Devises- There are multiple types of gases within the Natural Gas- Some will separate and some can change their structure with humidity and precipitation or dry or cold temps and become a mixture into super deadly toxins to human life- Note for the Awakened- The HAARP can control temps, wind currents, humidity and precipitation and make Laser, Direct Focused Energy,Lightening, Fire Tornadoes and Focused Radio Waves with Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons, that once again, the taxpayers paid for it all and now it’s being used to control you and all that you know before you awake MAYBE!

Iran has Not Attacked Anyone in Many years- Thoughts on an article of Sudan Explosions and Iran-

The US Government ‘picks on’ something close to the hearts of Iranians to antagonize action, before the millions of lives and the obliteration of still another country and its people, or perhaps two more countries on the notching post of this countries Administration, or perhaps three more countries- To these last 5 Administrations, any Country is ‘fair game’ and they will not stop until America is gone and the NWO is in place- Leaving all the MUTHER Countries to the Americas and a better way of life, killing over 50 Million American Indians from Columbus to post WW2 and then stealing their lands and all that comes with it- Then fighting 3 phony Civil Wars that ‘availed no victories to the real true-hearted American with their head out of their butt, and then doing the same or worse as those MUTHER Countries and has now decided to go out to all other countries and do them the same way as always- You big pigs need to wise up and realize, when the little guys are gone, then the smallest of the big guys are next and so on until there is only ‘ONE’ that is Supreme- You that bargain now and play the ‘friend game’ will be at each other’s throat before it’s done- What you ‘aid and abet’ this Corrupt Government [2-do] NOW! Will Certainly Come Back To Haunt You Later When It’s Your Turn To Pay Up With your Life- When your money is taken from you, then you’re just a ‘useless eater’ We will not avoid the ‘Tribulation Period’ Nothing is going to change that- The Real Evil is nigh- From this angle of the photography, I would venture that the hits were well placed if not ground charges- The ‘like’ of the US with ‘black flag attacks'[that seem so accepted as the ‘NORM’ for our Government] that no one does anything but proves their total ‘out of control misconduct against the entire World’ and then goes on to prove something else about their misconduct to be constantly repeated for years of time- LOL You run a light after drinking at 4 in the morning and a uniform is right there and will kill you for it, in these days soon to get real- Where is the assemblies- You fucn idiots think that a voting ballet will change anything- You can’t possibly have enough money to buy the Jesuit Bankers- They would eliminate the competition and divide that money as they have been doing for decades- I feel sorry for the ones with money in the Government Banks when the power go off- Your life will change in less time than you might think-
Bullying other countries into submission and extorting money and or taking Natural Resources at the ‘losers’ cost of course, and putting all control on the people that once [had a life] lived as they chose, and had a country of their own- When the Jesuit Mafia makes its rounds, Everybody pays up or, do you remember in the movies- Now days the truth is more apparent that the cops protect and serve the Jesuit Mafia of Bankers, War Mongers, Criminals, anti-American and Christian, destroyers and supporters of those that do destroy the Earth and all of its life, as man becomes enslaved by other man and slaughtered even worse than all animals in various ways- Provoking one to fight is not ‘Normal Behavior or Thought Process’ Iran has not attacked any country in many years- It’s the Racketeers of criminal fighters and war mongers, even Bankers and Countries that wage war in all directions and lie and deceive their supporters into stupidity, collecting from everybody as they go along- When one is pretty much bled dry, the corpse is simply tossed out- Iran wants NO WAR- When Iran is done, WHO THE FUC IS NEXT AND NEXT- The communications with the ‘outside world’ are being controlled against Iran- It’s like America will soon be Martial Law of the World- Coming to your town and existence real soon-

I’m searching for my points of understanding-

Lucas 2012 Infos

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. The view from our vantage point could be likened to a global hurricane with millions of eyes, the tranquil areas within the massive storm: violence erupting in North Africa and the Middle East, random acts of violence elsewhere, national economies tenuous or bankrupt, unstable governments, tyrannical regimes still in power, growing numbers of refugees.

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two Suns

two Suns

The Sun and old acquantance