I responded to something about the Future having ‘Possibilities’

The things I read mention of for future technology, I see they already have- And the real ‘Issues’ are being covered over with distractions and old scraps of info thrown out the door to the ones in the yard-

They already have people living and working in Space- There are Stations that Have Plasma Canons and they use them to shoot at the Terrestrials and their craft and have been for some time- Cosmonauts and Astronauts have fought to the death on such stations before and instead of a rescue, It was a battle for control even in Space- The moon is a Sphere that is fabricated with multiple skins- The Dark Side of the Moon is inhabited and NASA { a Nazi group since WW2 } have a hidden Agenda for such stupidity- They may want to try to detonate more explosives on the Moon and the terrestrials WON’T ALOW THIS AS THEY HAVE STOPPED THE ASSUALT ON THE SPHERE MORE THAN ONCE ALREADY-believe it or not- They want the money from the taxpayers because they are saving their own money that they have already stolen from the citizens- They want the taxpayers to pay for them to move their War Campaign into Deep Space-These things are all, Distractions from their real Agendas and to make the people forget about all the mass murders and black flag deeds they have done and is being found out about more and more every day- They will do anything to distract and confuse the people while they continue to put Military and equipment in place all over America and supply all Law Enforcements with Armored vehicles and troop/Policemen carriers, with machinegun torrents that pop up above the vehicles to mow us down and get those holding out up in the hills and country- Drones and the Military will assist in the disarmament and locating those seeking safety- The FEMA Prisons and FEMA Coffins await, and the Martial Law is already begun- All the cameras and Cams set all over the roads will tell them who is moving around- Listen into your nights air for distant sounds- You may be very upset with what you think that you hear- The Earth is a big thing and sounds are not without barriers, but to the trained or learned ear, one can sometimes hear unusual things on the horizons, seeing things even stranger-

About westhmpsn1

I am George W. Thompson, born on August 30,1948 in Nottaway County, Virginia. My father died on my second birthday and my mother, a Cherokee from North Carolina did her best to raise me and five sisters. I was taught to respect Nature, and love the innocent, and the helpless. Children and animals are first in my heart. I am awakened and a Patriot- My primary email is gwthmpsn1@gmail.com

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