Update on Global Hydrogen Sulfide and Methane Gas Release

When the North Sea Gas Leak was going on for months, there were clouds of Natural Gases spewing into the Atmosphere and the air that formed clouds as big as some Continents- Where the heck does everyone think all that Gas went to- It certainly hasn’t been vacuumed up or drifted into Outer Space- The reports were covered up about the largest Natural Gas Leak in History, resulting from a Company called ‘Total’, a French Company I think that does the Natural Resource thing like their bosom friends and partners the BP of the World Bank and others- These are pockets of Gas that has been separated from the large Masses that drift the Globe and touch down heavy to distribute death and then move on- A plague perhaps, but man manipulated and made for my money- They abandoned the rig and let it leak and covered it for weeks all the while it spued death into the air- The storms, wind currents, and temperatures effect the larger bodies of gas as if a irregular shaped balloon- One such cloud of death could easily enshroud or cover a whole State and kill or affect most everything- Many videos for two years or longer on ‘ATTENTION’ to Natural Gas-Detection Devises- There are multiple types of gases within the Natural Gas- Some will separate and some can change their structure with humidity and precipitation or dry or cold temps and become a mixture into super deadly toxins to human life- Note for the Awakened- The HAARP can control temps, wind currents, humidity and precipitation and make Laser, Direct Focused Energy,Lightening, Fire Tornadoes and Focused Radio Waves with Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons, that once again, the taxpayers paid for it all and now it’s being used to control you and all that you know before you awake MAYBE!

2012 The Awakening

Note: Forget your grievances with Obama, corporate control, gun control issues and war with Iran, in this editors opinion the biggest issue confronting humanity is the global release of toxic gases that appear to be building up in the environment. As these gases exponentially accumulate they’re creating a VERY long, DAILY list of mysterious fires/explosions, people dropping dead in low lying areas, neurological damage, mass animal and marine die-offs and more.

The list below is just one day of combined events. In my opinion, the only way to protect yourself is by avoiding low lying areas, getting your spiritual house in order, learning how to “protect and shield” yourself with Light energy and paying close attention to your instincts. If that little voice inside tells you to “go the other way”, “get out now” or “move fast”…whatever the prompting may be, don’t think twice ~ follow it.  Also remember, harbor…

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About westhmpsn1

I am George W. Thompson, born on August 30,1948 in Nottaway County, Virginia. My father died on my second birthday and my mother, a Cherokee from North Carolina did her best to raise me and five sisters. I was taught to respect Nature, and love the innocent, and the helpless. Children and animals are first in my heart. I am awakened and a Patriot- My primary email is gwthmpsn1@gmail.com

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